Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I worry that I think about Harry Potter too much.

I’m much too new at this whole blogging thing to be this bad at updating. The funny thing is that I don’t wait until I have enough time to blog. On a normal day I probably have a good anywhere from 3-5 hours perfect for blogging. When I have free time though, I just always find something else to do. It’s when I really need to get something important done that I suddenly find myself blogging as a distraction. Distractions can be healthy. At least I think so.

I’m reading Blue Like Jazz right now. I feel like if I want to fit in with all the trendy Christians I need to be able to quote Donald Miller at a moment’s notice. No, that’s not really why. I just thought it seemed like a good book to read. And thus far ol Don hasn’t proved me wrong. I feel like on days where I use a good portion of my allotted brain power reading this book, I tend to make quirky analogies about God and life just like Donald Miller. Only not at all like Donald Miller because nobody would pay to read them. I also have a tendency to think up (what I am just certain at the time are) great profundities as I am sleeping. In moments like these I rush to jot down my thoughts so as to ponder them at a later time. The most recent of these being:

“Do you think God laughs with us or do you think he’s kind of like Dumbledore? Like, he’ll smile down at you if you make a joke but won’t really chime in.”

I’m not sure what I said to God before that to make me wonder whether or not he laughed. I’m also not sure if it is at all sac-religious to compare God to Dumbledore, but I did it anyway. Of all the characters in all the books ever written, I would say that Dumbledore is hands down the most comparable to God. Except maybe Aslan. Or Jesus…

Enough of that.

So spring break came and went much too quickly and now the days drag on. Sometimes I really hate how time flies and I especially hate to entertain the idea that it will only go by more quickly as I get older. I recognize this as a truth, it is only logical. As we get older each year becomes a smaller fraction or our entire life. When we’re 4, a year is a quarter of our life. At 40 well, it’s a lot less.

I just think time is so fascinating, but at the same time it makes my head spin. I think the best thing to do is to just live in each moment and milk it for all its worth.