Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Sunrise Gets Me High.

so it turns out being deathly sick for 5 days results in the ability to stay awake foreverrrrrrrrrr. I'm finally feeling better and am loaded with energy. With the exception of class, a doctor's appointment, and working at state music contest, I have essentially been asleep since Friday night. If not asleep, then lying rather vegetable-like in my bed loathing the fact that my perfect immune system has been weakened and my body infiltrated with a virus.

then I subbed my breathe better meds for sleep better meds for a night and now I can't breathe again. cool.

I decided to stay up all night tonight to get stuff done. Turns out all I have really accomplished is that which I needed to have done for today anyway. But now I will have plenty of time to look as sexy as possible for my last day of class. Mizzou's finna know what they missin out on... says internal black Allyson.

Plus, Alexis and I are making pancakes in the morning which is a rarity. Not the making pancakes part but the in the morning part. Normally we save pancakes for brinner, which we used to make on a weekly (sometimes even semi-weekly) basis.

I love STILL being awake while a good portion of the rest of the country (or at least of the midwest) is beginning to wake up, or at least taking those first swats at their alarm clock. It makes me feel weird. But the good kind of weird.

ya know?

Something about staying all night gives me this feeling of invincibility (anybody else feel like this word has waaay to many 'i's?). I feel inexplicably happy and eager to see what the day has to offer. I must confess that I wish I started everyday like that but truth be told, I probably begin most days with grogginess.

But where does grogginess get us? While in the state of grogginess what is it that we want? To sleep. And do we get to sleep? No. Sooo, why waste time wishing you were in bed when you could be embracing the day. You have to be awake, right? so seize the day.

The sky is getting lighter. My last day of class at the University of Missouri is officially commencing. In 3 hours I have a french exam and in 9 I will be on a bus coming home from my last day of class.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I have a bad case of crusty-nose...

among other things including:
-an ear infection
-a pretty intense cold
-afore mentioned costochondritis

Life has been rough-ish lately. Not just the physical maladies, I could handle those. It's the added stress of finishing school, transferring schools, being in a long distance relationship, uncertainties of the future. All of those things are beautiful in their own way but they can do a number on you.

I just found out I will be working at my church again this summer. This is very good news and definitely helps alleviate a lot of my current stress. I get to work a lot in the missions field which is where I'm passionate so that is awesome. Not to mention a free trip to Florida for an amazing worship/spiritual growth experience. I need to get my beach bod back in check. Italy is probably not going to help with that... oh well.

There are crumbs in my bed. One of my very least favorite things in the world is sitting on crumbs.

Okay, that's enough complaining for one blog post. I apologize for there being very little worth actually reading in this post. I'll be better next time.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The yellow wing darter is my favorite dragonfly.

I am so ready for the semester to be over. Not so ready to deal with finals, but they shouldn't be so bad. Then home for 2 days. A day in STL with my boo, Alexis, and then Italy for two weeks!! So excitedddd.

I've never been to Europe but have always wanted to visit. I kind of expected my first trip to be either to Spain or France, as I am studying the language/culture of both, but I have no complaints about going to Italy. Excuse me, not just going. Singing in Italy. Singing beautiful rich music to reflect the life of Leonardo Da Vinci. It is going to be an amazing experience. I will surely post pictures.

So for the last two/three weeks I have gotten less sleep than ever before in my life. I spent an entire week staying up til at least 4am, never fully recovered, then pulled an all-nighter at the beginning of last week. This weekend I have finally been able to catch up on sleep and have time to myself and it has been GLORIOUS. Words cannot express.

A lot of people wouldn't enjoy this much time to themselves to do nothing. And it's not that I don't love people, I do. My passion is to love people. But these last two nights have been so relaxing... and informative. I've been on this researching-things-for-fun kick. Last night it was dragonflies and tonight I memorized the list of Presidents. Super geeky, I know. But I don't care. I am enjoying myself.

Oh! p.s. I have costochondritis. Or something with similar letters to that. Basically the muscles around my ribs are inflamed preventing the ribs from fully expanding when I inhale. Thus, I constantly feel like I can't get enough air. I'm taking these pills every 8 hours and they help.

p.p.s. Popcorn + M&Ms = best combination of all time. just sayin