Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sorry (to all 3 of you who read this) for taking so long to update.

The only reason I'm even updating now is to distract myself from studying. That's a good enough reason, right?

I went home last weekend to visit family that I haven't seen in years and it was so good. It was brief, but I enjoyed it. We began cleaning out my grandma (Memaw)'s house. I found some pretty sweet things including this super retro camera. It's beautiful, looks much cooler in person.

I've begun to seriously consider UMKC for school next year. I think it would be really great to be close to some of the most important people in my life. Not to mention paying a fraction of the price. And of course, living in the heart of Kansas City. My roommate, Alexis, and I will be braving the mega bus next weekend to come home and check it out.

These last several months I've kind of taken on the motto of never wishing time away. It's hard because I tend to get super excited about things in the future and yearn for them to come so much that I lose sight of the now. I just want to push through it to the part I'm looking forward to. That's not right though. I don't want to just get through life waiting for the next exciting thing to happen. Everyday has something amazing to offer if you just look for it. I'm all about being progressive and moving forward but not at the cost of losing today.

What's the point of living each day just waiting for tomorrow?

I've recently become obsessed with this Australian singer/songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke. She opened for Ben Folds when I saw him in September and she was unbelievable. She has a beautifully unique voice and can also sing opera which she incorporates into a lot of her songs. She's really funky which I love. Anyway, she has these lyrics which go:

If we could save time, where would we keep it?
If we could keep time, when could we use it?
If we waste time, will it waste us
Are we too much like time, impossible to define?

I just really like that. And her. Check her out on Itunes but I must warn you, her stuff is a little eccentric. She is extremely talented though, I assure you. Also, being from Australia automatically makes her awesome. I'm dying to go there.

My other new(ish) motto can be found in the URL for this page: find the beauty in life. I know that sounds a little corny but I don't mean for it to be. I'm not talking about seeing beauty in the already beautiful things like roses and sunsets. I am talking about looking past the negative and trying to find something beautiful. It makes life so much more enjoyable. I keep becoming more and more aware of how completely useless it is to complain. Cursing the cold weather doesn't make it warmer, but how amazing is the intricacy of a snowflake? We are so quick to focus on the negative but that gets us nowhere. Not to mention how ugly it makes us. I've been observing people's faces walking to class and it is pretty easy to point out the negative from the positive. I LOVE seeing happy strangers who smile back. love it.

Okay, I should really get back to my studies so I can go to sleep soon. I have fallen a little bit ill which is rare for me, not that I'm complaining...

Thanks for reading. I hope a fabulous weekend is in store for you.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cold Sunlight is Better Than No Sunlight.

I'm lacking profundity today so I think I'll go with bullets:

a. My room is unbearably cold right now. The rest of the apartment is fine while my room is like the frozen tundra. sheesh.

b. I just want to point out how wonderful it was to see the sun this weekend. I love waking up to the sunlight seeping into my room even though I know it's still cold outside. I'm obsessed with sunshine.

c. Thanks to bullet b, as the sun was going down yesterday the sky was an array of blue shades. The specific shade that was taking up most of the sky around 6 was the most gorgeous color. I couldn't stop staring at it.

d. I fell asleep in my class today for the first time this semester. whoops.

e. I also walked on water today so I think that should cover for my academic delinquency. Yes?
I think so.
f. My best friend Courtney is in Chile right now and let me borrow her keyboard while she is gone. I practiced piano for a few hours today and even though I'm rusty and it takes me longer than it should to learn things, it's really nice to play again.

h. LOST starts back up tomorrow and I can hardly contain my excitement... even though after watching every episode last season I still have no idea what's going on. Just part of the beauty of the show.

That's all for now. It's almost 4 am and I should be asleep. Happy February, everyone.